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Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 Gameplay Walkthrough – Part 1 [HD] XBOX 360 PS3


Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 Gameplay Walkthrough - Part 1 [HD] XBOX 360 PS3


  1. I'm looking for this game, looks very well done. but, is there no music during game play??

  2. Cool, you have done a walkthrough for this game : ) I adored the first Lords of Shadow (and still do) so i pre ordered the limited edition to 2. I started to play it when it came out but i was disappointed with it and stopped playing. I'm going to watch your playthroughs and get back into playing this game. I can't belive how rude some people have been in their comments to you, shameful. I love the Castlevania series but only have a few of the titles, i hope to find more. It's nice to hear about kickstarter project, Bloodstained. Castlevania lives on!

  3. I though it was ok,  it has  potential to be better but. They should make a sky rim like castlevania. 

  4. I don't get why so many people hate on this game x.x. People say it has a poor story when it doesnt, there's a difference between poor and straightforward and the story of this game would be the latter. Saying its poor or weak makes it sound like a incoherent mess which its not. Its simple and straightforward, and thats not necessarily a bad thing.

    The stealth sections are actually more like puzzles than actual stealth, so if u think about them in that way, their not nearly as awkward. Could they have been made better? sure, is it utterly horrible? not in the slightest.

    The game definitely coulda used some sidquests with the non linear gameplay, so that was a missed opportunity, tho it doesnt really hurt the game that much. Some secret bosses woulda been nice or something to that effect.

    And as for the people who complain about it taking place in modern times, honestly i don't see what the problem was. The whole modern gothic setting gave me plenty of DMC vibes which i happen to be a fan of, so i find that as a plus (im talking about the series as a whole, not the reboot)

    I would sooo love to see another 3d castlevania in the near future that improves on all the ideas that have been used in LoS 1&2.

  5. I've been having a problem with this game I want to focus on whip mastery but every time I try to dodge I somehow equip the sword or fist weapons, I don't want this is there anyway to get around this problem?

  6. stop being a fucking dick and keep the camera straight. god I fucking hate gamers. Im sorry man I just like watching perfect walkthroughs, I only liking seeing screw ups or annoying shit in games in person well actually I don't like seeing that shit at all I have serious gamer rage

  7. I love the changes they made, but honestly, this game feels like it has a whole lot of untapped potential. If they'd gone further with the story and a little deeper into Dracula's relationship with Victor, instead of what feels like a cameo, I think it would have been a whole lot more interesting. Moreover, I would like to have played as him.

    Also, the choice of enemies you get isn't as diverse as the previous games. I loved how they implemented classical mythology as well as their own blend of lore. The Vampire race, the Lycans and the Necromancers should all have made a comeback. I mean, Dracula is supposed to be the Lord of the Creatures of the Night, right? Let's explore that a little more deeply: Show how he deals with his minions instead of having them turn on him.

    Gabriel/Dracula has a great amount of characterization that could have been played up more. 

  8. "Clunky"?? How the hell is this game clunky Lol, iron fact is most review critics don't know their d--s from their a- and they're the same editors that'll come back ten years later and contradict themselves on the same title, while no game is perfect and all of us experience dissatisfaction on certain titles for one reason or another the true fact is there is no better judge than yourself because everyone rides a different set of expectations/criteria coming in including editors…when a title doesn't go in the direction they would've liked (or the developing company doesn't suck up to them..OR when money exchanges hands behind the industry curtain in order to funnel your attention towards other "system seller titles") it's time to smash the game in it's review. I take reviews with a grain of salt. Their 4.5 could be your 9.5 or vice versa.

  9. I am enjoying this game, the story is intriguing and I think it is cool set in modern times.  I also really liked Mirror of Fate which also got negative reviews.  It seems odd how negative the reviews have been lately for Castlevania.

  10. I love this game but, much like LOS 1, it does not give that castlevania "feel", the one you had whether playing a 2D side scroller on gameboy/ds, or a 3d rendention (n64, ps2 versions). There were certain elements, certain types of characters, a list of vania tracks, and you always heard at least one track that was on a previous vania, just to give that added atmosphere of 'vania-ism". lol. I just got it two days ago and so far it feels like a fusion of metal gear solid and God of War. As a gamer I am very happy with this game. But as a Vania fanatic I am disappointed and still left with having Vania withdrawals because I still don't have my "vania fix". lol

  11. I am actually enjoying the game as a hack n' slasher, although I wish it had more depth.  It is really disappointing to see Mercury Steam tearing itself to shreds now.  Konami are "disgusted" by this game and there are already 35 job losses at Mercury Steam.  I did call it to be fair.  I knew Konami removed the contract for a reason.  It is a good GoW clone, and I love the gothic atmosphere, but Castlevania it is not!  This article just makes me sad:


    The reviews continue to be awful here on release day in the UK.  I just think it is better than I truly expected with gorgeous visuals (HD textures on PC) and great atmosphere, but nowhere near as good as I hoped in terms of depth or longevity.  The game is very short and the lore and art direction really lends itself to something better.  Something on the scale of Dark Souls. One day Konami will get it right. The creators of Dark Souls say that SotN was an inspiration, maybe the roles should be reversed.

  12. Having played the game now (as a Castlevania fan I couldn't resist) I can see a couple of reasons why some people may hate it with a vengeance.  It not only has stealth sections, which feel out of place in a Castlevania game anyhow, but they are not exactly good stealth sections.  They can be extremely repetitive and dull.  Secondly, is the fact the game actually feels absolutely nothing like Castlevania.  To be honest, if someone had slapped a 'Legacy of Kain 3' badge on it I would have believed them more (especially the sword and claws gameplay). Another point worth mentioning is that Castlevania was always about platforming.  There is no real platforming to speak of, or none that requires skill in LoS 2. So, from a Castlevania perspective in terms of atmosphere and gameplay it feels wrong.  However, that does not make it a bad game and why I fundamentally disagree with the reviews.  If I was brutally honest I would say no less than a 6 and no more than a 7.5 depending on your preferences. 

    It is a solid game with excellent presentation, but I just can't shake the feeling that it feels even less like Castlevania than the original LoS (the quotes are simply trying too hard). A good gothic action title.  By the way, I own the PC version and can confirm it is by far the definitive version (with HD texture options) and less expensive. I am afraid SotN and/or SCIV are still king depending upon your perspective. I am glad to say it is not as bad as I feared but it is not the classic all Castlevania fans wanted and has some utterly bizarre design choices in terms of gameplay that has obviously ruined it for some.

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