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Building the Ultimate PS4


Building the Ultimate PS4


  1. Let's just all agree, Nintendo Switch is for anyone who likes good games, and PS4 Is for anyone with friends, I fall under the Nintendo Switch category

  2. Reminds me of those robots from Short Circuit, with those head covers.

  3. And it gives you 33% speed improvment via Hard Drive speed, since it's 7200RPM instead of 5400RPM. Althou, i didnt test it.

  4. the fans are a total waste of money.. more noise and no significant cooling? who wants that?
    the only accessory that interested me are the energizers

  5. Bought the fan with the charging port(knock off) and ordered the fans that go on the back. There is a difference in heat in the sides. Now gotta fix the back. Ppl complain about the noise the fans make and I can only imagine that's due to them being spoiled. Noise over preserving your expensive game console that you're probably using noise canceling headphones?? I think it's an even trade. But what do I know?

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