Home Xbox Forum brand new xbox 360 elite ring of death?

brand new xbox 360 elite ring of death?


well my old xbox 360 premium died (ring of death) so i am planning on buying a brand new xbox 360 elite. do the new 360 elites still have the ring of death problem? i heard that the new ones dont, but i want to be sure.

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  1. Didnt know this was a problem with a 360. I know the scratches commonly seen on a game from a 360 are called the ring of death. This usually only happens when you stand up the xbox vertically. If this is your problem then just bring in the game to a Hock Shop and have them repair it. Costs 4.50$

  2. Needs to have a manufacture date of August 2008 to have the newer chips in it. New chips are smaller and produce less heat. Heat build-up caused ring of death.

    But.why not send your old 360 in for repair? It should still be covered by the warranty unless you tampered with it

  3. dude if u been having that elite for less than a year it should still have its one year warranty and you can call (1800formyxbox) and u will get it fixed for free. or another thing you can do is the towel trick here is a link to a vid that will show u wat to do. [url is not allowed]

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