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Blood Bowl 2: Dwarfs Vs Skaven – Gameplay


Blood Bowl 2: Dwarfs Vs Skaven - Gameplay


  1. Why are all the comments little kids getting upset over turn based strategy games being turn based?

  2. why the heck is it turnbased if it was like madden where you play actual football it will be the best game ever made

  3. Play Frist Game as skaven "Ok maybe if a run though the side lines! Dwarfs Beat them up "Ok…Maybe if a throw the b-" Dwarf catches it "WTF A LITTLE MAN LIKE THAT? FUCKING FINE MAYBE MY GU-" Dwarfs KILLS Them "FUUUU—" Plays against chaos "Ok ma-" Chaos KILL Half Of Team "But…..whhhhhyyyyy?????" Loads Up M&B Warsword mod kills chaos and dwarfs 10/10 would stress relief though killy killy ways again. Yes Yes.

  4. someone was high or drunk when thinking up this game's design.. has fail written all over it (imho)
    During the first 10 seconds, I was like.. awesome Warhammer 40K meets american football, the … slow-mo slaps and dice came out.. the smile turned into frown and complete disappointment. I was hoping for something like Madden football with Warhammer 40k modeling and combat.. something akin to the old retro game 'cyberball'

  5. Why would you have a Gutter Runner go for it twice in the first turn? Also, where are the rolls shown? In the original BB game, we saw Injury Rolls among other types of rolls in the bottom left, but I don't see them anywhere here. Also, where are the options for rerolling? And Apothecaries?

  6. wish this wasnt a turn based game. it looks awesome but its a football game and its not fluid. doesnt seem right.

  7. too expensive, not funny enough. I used to play the original BB back in the days, with the cardboard figures, and that was a lot more fun than this. Anyway boyz, enjoy this short life just as you wish,,, just saying..

  8. does anyone else fell the dwarves need a redesign? they just dont seem to fit the other teams.

  9. Who bothered to make this game and why?

    Of the total warhammer players, less than 1% play football

  10. end to this match: dwarves win overall anyway because dwarves are badasses who destroy those that dare challenge their awesomeness

  11. I do not know a lot about this game but are the dwarfs really allowed to have a steamroller with spikes?

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