Home Playstation Forum best way to clean ps3 on outside?

best way to clean ps3 on outside?


wats the best way to clean ps3 on the outside so it could look brand new cuz me ps3 starting to have dust on it n

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  1. I jsut use a microfibre cloth that came wiht my TV(any will do), and the odd hoover with the tube every now n then in the vents.

    do not spray anything on it, excpet a can of compressed air, anyhting liquid could get in and short circuit it.

  2. i turn on the ps3 and i use a microfiber duster to clean it off (its like a feather duster but not wit actual feathers, it has really soft bristles) i use that to clean out the vents.since the ps3 is on.it will blow loose dust out.

    then i use the cloth a psp comes with to clean off the rest of the ps3. if i need to, i might lightly spray some windex on the cloth

    a good dust prevention method is to cover the ps3 wit like a clean, old tshirt when its not in use. it slows down dust accumulation alot

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