Home Videos Battlefield 4 – PC and PS4 Graphics and Image Quality Comparison

Battlefield 4 – PC and PS4 Graphics and Image Quality Comparison


Battlefield 4 - PC and PS4 Graphics and Image Quality Comparison


  1. LOL the comment section is still entertaining to laugh at. I maybe a PS4 gamer but I know for a fact the PC is the better platform.

  2. Please explain somebody, why the heck it's so difficult to add damn depth of field on ps4? This happened with all new bf. It happened with Andromeda. This is not that resource taking option and I don't believe it's so difficult. Fucking marketing, fucking EA. Why uncharted 4 can handle it? Why order 1886 can handle it? Why Horizon ZD can handle it while visuals are somewhere near and somewhere better than in BF?

  3. si comparas un monitos 4k con una ps4 obvio se verá mucho mejor en el 4k, pero un monitor 4k solo cuesta más que una ps4 jajaja

  4. pc 2000 dollars more than ps4 just to get 20% better graphics, no thanks…. Uncharted 4 on ps4 looks better than any game in pc.

  5. I don't believe in the casual vs hardcore gaming nonsense. A PC Gamer who says console gaming is casual is basically an idiot.

  6. why u all shit here….ps is for what…play fking super mario, u will never move, u will never get accuracy with pad, so pls…stop crying here, sad u people think u have skill on ps-xbox, retired

  7. graphics aren't what make me a pc gamer and not a console gamer. i like to be able to command a keyboard with specific keybindings at my every beck and call. i like my sturdy gaming desk chair that lets me maintain a great posture while subjecting myself to extended periods of online gaming experiences. i like the ability to multitask while gaming (facebook, skype, youtube, email). the feeling when i approach my large desk with triple monitor setup like i'm about to exterminate an entire civilization does not compare to when i bend over to turn on my ps4. i like the fact my monitors run circles around any hdtv out there. most importantly, the camaraderie between pc gamers is bar none, by far, quite simply, the best.

  8. PS4 -> 300$
    PC that runs BF4 in Ultra -> 1200$
    PC that runs BF4 in ULTRA/4K/+60FPS -> 2400$

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