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Are the refurbished PS3s legit on eBay?


l would get a brand new one if l could but l can’t afford to fork out £250-£300 on a PS3, plus the expenses of the games. l was looking on eBay for a PS3 and they’re selling refurbished ones for £95 which is not too bad. Do you think these will actually work though, considering they’ve been used and redone? Or am l better off saving up for a brand new one, although l preferbly would rather have one ASAP to stop me being so bored lol thanks. 🙂

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  1. if it’s factory refurbished, yes. unfortunately you cant really know this until you get it. but for a user to list it either way and risk their credibility on the site, chances are pretty good that if the seller has a good rating that it is as listed.

    part of this is that factory refurbished comes w/ a warranty, usually. i buy refurbs all the time.

  2. who told you they where £250-£300 you can get a new 160gb ps3 for only £189 from sainsburys and before xmas they were selling them for only £158, they are NOT that expensive

    i would rather pay £189 than £95 for a refurbished and the games are NOT that expensive especially the pre-owned games you can get them for £3 upwards

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