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Xbox One PRICE CUT! Cheaper Than Ever – The Know


Xbox One PRICE CUT! Cheaper Than Ever -  The Know


  1. Im actually gonna buy this cause I went to look at the original xbox one price drops their was one that was a 2tb for the same price

  2. sold mine for 150 with all my games, after the announcement of pc crossplay with exclusives, whats the point? I would much rather have a PC and a PS4

  3. Isn't the Xbox One selling much better then the 360 at this point in time? And isn't Halo 5 the most sold Halo game at launch and the fastest selling Xbox One exclusive? Doesn't that make it the fastest selling exclusive in general for the Xbox brand?

  4. Fine, count me in. With this price, there is zero reason to get a slim. it's a perfect price for a second tier console and a vessel to only play first party exclusives.

  5. all xbox has to do to make sales is to stop charging people to play online multiplayer games, add that cost to buying the system at the start, playstation has free online play so what does a person do when they want to play multiplayer but are also on a budget like families, students and so forth.

  6. not in my country, even if I order online. I have to go through tax and some annoying procedure with government.

  7. Frosty the snowman has snow balls. Santa has Christmas balls. Mr. Peanut has nuts. Shall I go on?

  8. They should never have come out with the spybox and made it mandatory for people to have an internet connection as well as HAVE to have the kinekt running to use your xbox. Pissed so many gamers off.

  9. To bad there aren't many games to keep you busy. Gladly i'll spend my money on more pc parts 😀

  10. That dude has a nasty looking pig ring in his nose. Call me old fashioned, but I can't stand to even look at him.

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