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Xbox One: 7 Reasons You WILL Use Kinect


Xbox One: 7 Reasons You WILL Use Kinect


  1. What about now? Hand gestures are removed in the new ui, Xbox fitness is cancelled, many people can use their own 3.5 mm headsets with the controller, and voice commands can be used by that same headset. The kinect seems pretty useless to me. Also you need to spend $50 if you want to use the kinect on the Xbox one s. What is the gain of using a kinect? Please tell me

  2. Has any one figure out how to stop the dimming screen problem on Xbox one when watching movies

  3. That's actually an anti-ad for Kinect. I mean, if this is for what it's for, at the price it is, it's just a complete official rip off.

  4. How does xbox sell itself with just bc games and not a kinect? kinect is "the" xbox experience
    they killed kinect, then killed xbox fitness, whats does xbox offer now?

  5. My Kinect won't turn on and I tried all the steps Microsoft gave me and it still won't work. Please help!

  6. I think if Microsoft will come out with a games like they did at first that made you want them like dance central joy ride ect they would sell more games

  7. I like this. How much does it cost? I got the xbox one without kinect 🙁

    Is it worth buying separately? Will it be more expensive?

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