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Will the PS3’s price drop in March 2009?


I’ve heard that PlayStation 3 could be getting a price cut in March next year can anyone confirm this? And if so is it worth waiting till March?

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  1. No. Sony is still generating huge losses with the Playstation 3 console.

    So even after christmas or in march, there are no price cuts planned.

    What they might do, is upgrade the harddisc capacity for the same price.

    However, you could do that yourself. I bought a discounted 40GB PS3 and exchanged the harddisc for a 250GB model.

    I now have a 250GB PS3 and paid less than for a 80GB model.

    If the PS3 is too pricey for you, you can always get the Xbox 360 and get a better system, with the same games for less money.

  2. It’s quite possible.

    They’ve already confirmed that there getting the new Cell chips in January, so that’ll help reduce the cost of making the PS3, so it would only be wise to cut the cost for the consumer too. Same as when the 360 got the Falcon chips which led to Septembers price cut.

    However Sony will have to deny it. Common business sense. Cos if they say “Yes It’ll be cheaper in March” then folks will probably skip getting it at Xmas.

    Also the rumour has stated the price cut is for SCEE territory( so Europe) so if you’re in US don’t hold on.

    Though ultimately only Sony can confirm or deny this.

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