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WET – Movie All Cutscenes Ending Xbox 360 1080p


WET - Movie All Cutscenes Ending Xbox 360 1080p


  1. Rubi is an awesome character, but for some reason she reminds me of ryuko from kill la kill. It's the hair and maybe her personality. This chick is awesome xD

  2. This should have been a Quentin Tarantino movie starting Eliza Dushku, not a video game plagued by poor controls. The basic plot is missing, we just have these fetch quests – but if there had been more of a Rubi backstory, more involvement with her cohorts in Hong Kong, an actual sex scene with Kafka, and more character development with the level bosses and antagonists.. this could have been a MUCH better film than many of the awful movies that WERE made in the same sub-genre like Charlie's Angels, Sucker Punch, Grindhouse, Kill Bill… and those awful guns that never run out of bullets… hhhhhhh that was so annoying i muted the video a few times to get through it. Imagine if you had to reload and could run out of ammunition – maybe the player would not have been so quick to hose every thing down with their bad aim.

  3. One of the best games i have ever seen i first noticed it like 5-6 years ago and i found it again

  4. This has the graphics of Saints Row 2…and the more or less battle scheme/style of No Mote Heroes….not sure how to feel…

  5. If anybody's wondering, the song during the skyfall sequence is "Thrash and Wet" by Anonymus (a thrash metal band from Québec).

  6. The creativity in the name Kafka Dvorak is astonishing. The Russian accent they gave to the Czech character is even more interesting.

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