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So the Xbox 360, as we all know, is extremely prone to having breakdowns. This is especially true when it comes to the dreaded three rings of death. So what do you do if the three rings of death or some other dodgy Xbox error happens while you’re in the middle of the blasting one of your enemies with a rocket launcher in Halo three or finally getting that over the head scissor kick? Well, you really only have two options.

Option one, and the option that no one wants to take, is to send your Xbox off to Microsoft. When you call up Microsoft, apart from being pretty bad on the telephone as it is, they also have the audacity to tell you that you have to wait anywhere from 4 to 8 weeks to get your Xbox 360 back after it is been repaired. They give you no guarantee on how long it will take, and frankly, at least in my experience, they could not really give a rats.

The second option, and the option that more and more people are starting to realize is the best way to go, is to simply do it yourself. This has been made very possible and very accessible because of the Internet. There have been many guides brought out of the last six months, teaching you exactly have to repair your Xbox, from step one to finish.

The latest guides, are based on video instructions, and having used the most recent guide that just came out to fix my last Xbox problem, I can tell you that the video production of this step-by-step guide is very very professionally done, and I was more than happy to fork out the small amount of money for the cost to get it done.

The reason that most people would not choose to go for this latter option of getting it done themselves, is simply that they are afraid that they might stuff it up. Now let me tell you, I am not exactly a very technical person, and I’m not known for my ability to fix electronics by any means. Mind you, I found this guide, and actually all the guides that I’ve used in the past to be very easy to follow, and so simple in fact that even my little brother could do it and he is only 11 years old.

You may wonder why I have used more than one guide if they work. The fact is that I actually use the information in the guides to create a small business for myself as a low-key Xbox 360 repairman. That’s right, I do this for within my local community, and use the knowledge that I have learned from these guides to charge a small amount of money to carry out the process for them to get their Xbox 360s up and running. I am not telling you this to endorse my services, but more to let you know that that is also an option for you if you’re interested in making a little bit of money on the side as an Xbox repair man.

So [url not allowed] that I recommend, not only will he get you up and running with your Xbox 360 as fast as possible, but you can even does make a little bit of extra money on the side by using the knowledge that you will again from this [url not allowed].

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Submitted On October 04, 2008Console SystemsIf you have ever had to have the pain of your Xbox 360 go down on you, you know the pain and frustration of having to face up to the idea of getting your baby sent off for up to 6-8 weeks. Thank god to some innovative people with bit of know how when…xbox repair guides, xbox 360, video games, fix an xbox

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