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Top 10: Exclusive Xbox One Games


Top 10: Exclusive Xbox One Games


  1. This guy chose some of the worst exclusives ever. Master chief collection, sunset, and horizon were the only good ones in that list

  2. I dont even like Xbox, but u can't exclude Gears of War if you make a Xbox exclusives lol.

  3. xbox exclusives are on pc because every other pc than macbook have windows which are powered by microsoft

  4. he didnt even seem like he cared about at least one of these games on the list smh… made me feel like it wasnt even a top 10 list

  5. Poltergeist is coming out in October. It looks amazing but is on oculus. Very scary.

  6. I'm really looking forward to Crackdown 3, people should search up gameplay, it's awesome and the whole world is destructive, not even joking and has mind-blowing physics and stuff, if you shoot a big outline of a circle, that piece will fall out and become its own thing and you can pick it up and kill people with it which is pretty cool, xbox one exclusive and i hope it turns out like a beauty

  7. PS4 has: too many JRPGs and RemastersXbox One has: Backwards Compatibility that you don't have to pay for if you have the download or disc and has pretty good exclusive (Rare Replay and Titanfall to name two of the many)Wii U has: Fucking Nintendo games and good indie titles (who doesn't like Nintendo and indies?)

  8. okay so from what I understand the presenter doesn't seem to bought into Xbox at all (the choice of wording in the intro
    proved that),and that doesn't really bother me, but I wish he could use the similar approach with the PS4, you emphasized more on the strong points of the PS4 exclusive but for the Xbox one you emphasized more on the weak points, that's why your review seems biased, I would suggest giving similar categories of emphasis to both consoles, just my opinion. Thanks

  9. So, 2 Forza games and then there's nothing to play, yet. Just like the PS4, where the only games worth playing are actually remastered versions of PS3 games.

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