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Titanfall – Xbox 360 Review Update


Titanfall - Xbox 360 Review Update


  1. If there is won thing about me and gaming graphics are the least of my worries. I could care less, I just play the game.

  2. They could have so made this game more graphically intensive if you're getting the exact same game – minus a few textures and frame right – on the 360 version…the fact it can even run at all on the 360 means the Xbox one's potential has know where near peaked.

  3. To me, it doesn't matter what the graphics of the game looks like on other consoles. TITANFALL AWESOME

  4. Hah,he threw him of the cliff at the end of the video…..anyway,i have the 360 version and regardless of the grfx the game is fast passed there's so much action and most importantly its extremely fun,regardless of the lack of modes of play,respawn did say they were gonna add modes and weapons for free,that's more than what any developers are doing with their $50 season pass bullshit,i know Titanfall gets a $25 season pass,but that's better in my view,more fun more action for less,it can't get any better than that,if you think otherwise then your either a sony fanboy or a pc gamer who who just hates microsoft and any game on its systems,and that's not fair,just give it a try

  5. I bought this on the 360 and it's terrible not even worth buying, not just the extremely poor graphics but because the frame rate constantly stutters making it almost unplayable at times, seriously I'm not the person who cares immensely about graphics but it was embarrassing how bad they are, after owning it for less than a few hours I wish I could send it back    

  6. I have a 360 and in my my brief experiences playing the next gen (PS4) I've been pretty underwhelmed by the graphics. I'll give it some time, (till they get cheap) but I cant see it getting much better considering the hardware both consoles have used. 

  7. Why don't people just let people enjoy the game on 360. Not everyone has @500+ dollars for a PC or Xbone….or parents who have $500+ to buy their spoiled kids a pc or xbone…

  8. For anyone who have a PS3 and are interested in Titanfall, get Killzone 3 because it resembles Titanfall in some ways. But the multiplayer doesn't work though but there is Botzone.

  9. could some one help me I can't buy Titan fall on xbox 360 because all it says is rate or pin to start plz someone help me

  10. +RwYeAsNt if you care about Graphics and you have a computer. Why watch this its a xbox 360 review of titanFall, why not watch the computer version??

  11. Hi I agree with all your video, MK5 joke noob gun,( Laged players can't lock Pilots I hear)Active Pulse and a few other hack cards, Mini Map full, are cheats nothing else, Invisible is a joke, works if they are inside not moving, but with good Graphics card (Run dual GTX770TI MSI's) you can see them even in the air hence I have many kill Pilot cloaked Kills and I'm an average player. The TITANS are great and I think the fun is spoiled by the Bots, like fly's they keep locking on and distracting you from the Battle. Other wise the Titans are great fun and not over powered. Bot's need more skill that would improve things. 6v6 I think for the small maps and having 12 Titans out there some times is all these maps can take, larger maps so titans would have travel more would support having more Pilots and taking bots out other wise it would not work. The game is fun on the TITAN side, as foot soldier with the hacks takes any skill you have away. Any one who supports these hack cards is not a true gamer.

  12. i think titanfall looks fine on the 360, remember this console came out like 7 years ago so its not going to be spectacular,, and if u look at xone compared to 360 theres isnt really ALOT of difference not a NEXT GENERATION difference.

  13. Knowing this, there is no real reason to get an X1 yet. All the best next-gen titles are yet to be released (Halo, The Division, etc)

  14. People who have spent �400 on an Xbox One for Titanfall I feel sorry for you, I mean on 360 we have the same game without getting a �400 console we just don't have real life graphics, which you know I DON'T GIVE A FUCK ABOUT so shove it up yours you arrogant Xbox One gamers

  15. Seriously people complaining about needing a hard drive to play Titanfall that's bigger than 4 GB well you should already have one if you are gamers for crying out loud

  16. Not a single interesting exclusive on XONE. With Outlast, Journey, flower, Last of us remixes coming, Infamous and many Pc ports on the way…Sony looks the reasoble choice. An the price, sure. Quantum break looked good but no gameplay yet.

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