Home Videos The Rock & Bill Gates – Introducing Xbox

The Rock & Bill Gates – Introducing Xbox


The Rock & Bill Gates - Introducing Xbox

Steve Ballmer and Bill Gates E3 2005 Xbox 360

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  1. The best games I ever played was on the xbox. But now I got an xbox one and I still miss my xbox!

  2. The rock is truly a charismatic individual. If he wasn't in wrestling, he'll make an amazing public speaker/spokesperson

  3. Lol it looks way cooler than the ps3. the ps3 will have no games on launch (apparently) and from the concepts I've seen it looks like a toaster, and the controller looks like a half donut

  4. Cocaine is a hell of a drug.

    So is meth, E, heroin, peyote, super glue, pure mercury vapor, and whatever the hell it is that Steve Ballmer is putting in his body.

  5. Bill and Steve are brilliant people, but they should not be in commercials, especially Steve.

  6. TBH the pc will always be ahead as you don't have to wait for something with more power to come out, upgrade it yourself. If you don't like wasd then use an Xbox controller

  7. ps3 does not have six cores. Its amazing just how many people dont understand cell architecture. the cell has one core and 7 PPUs, which are not like pc cores in that they can only run one piece of data at the same time. one is used for ui, leaving the ps3 able to have six streams of data at once. The 360 has a 3.2 Ghz triple CORE, running multiple streams at once also giving it six.

  8. @Boymentation1994 No, everything is more powerful on PC, computer hardware from 2001 is more powerful then today's consoles, that's just how it is, different and more efficient and powerful architectures are created and used for created PC components.

  9. The oddest way of advertising I've ever seen on earth.

    Does the gorilla usually show up at E3s? It would be cool to see him on the one of 2010.. 😛

  10. @videogameguidesCT Wait you heard that from the Sony press conference? Naturally Sony would say that because they are competing with Microsoft. You do not know how companies work do you? I do not masturbate to Halo obviously, but throwing insults must be fun, this proves you have no intelligence. I will be playing the 360, PS3, Wii, and PC.

  11. @videogameguidesCT I have tons of evidence to prove that the Xbox 360 is a great console. It has more A, AA, and AAA games this year where as the PS3 got mostly A games.

  12. wtf does that have to do with gaming sony right nw has the latest format yet nintendo more then triples its sales numebrs, sony has blueray xbox has dvd yet time after time ps3 graphics fail compared to xbox. xbox has way mroe games just look at walmart they have 1.5 times the amount of games for xbox as nintendo and ps3 if what your saying actualy happens it wont happen for a very long time and now Microsoft is introducing veirtual reality that requires no controller next christmas

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