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Siren: Blood Curse – Walkthrough Episode 3 Part 1 – Escape from the Saiga Hospital


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In this part, Bella Monroe must sneak her way through the Saiga Hospital, past Shibito Nurses and a now Shibito Sol in order to escape. This part is actually pretty tough because Bella has no way to defend herself so she is completely dependant on stealth, which, as we all know by now, is not my strong point!

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Siren: Blood Curse - Walkthrough Episode 3 Part 1 - Escape from the Saiga Hospital

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  1. man I wish you made more of this. A lot of the let's play for this game could get annoying.

  2. After the cutscene where he bangs on the window and you can sight jack him and see him running into the hospital looking for you? Frack that was intense!

  3. Not a problem, pal. I actually really appreciate that comment! Racism has never been in my nature. The world should be well and truly past that by now! I have to say though, Sol scared the shit out of me at one point when I rounded a corner!

  4. this game is so awsome! too bad it never got released in disk in north america. This is pretty much one of the last true survival horror games. Did you end up finishing the game?

  5. I really shouldn't have played it before going to sleep! Any time my dog made the slightest sound I practically jumped out of my skin. I get freaked out way too easily lol

  6. It's a bloody terrifying game. I dunno why I make myself play it. Some sort of glutton for punishment!

  7. I really shouldn't have played it at night. I knew I should've just played Jak and Daxter instead! XD

  8. If you in any way like horror then this game is brilliant! Only problem is it's so freaky it makes you want to find a nice quiet corner to hide in and never come out of lol. Not the best game for someone who gets scared as easily as me!

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