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Savant: Ascent Gameplay


Savant: Ascent Gameplay

Savant: Ascent Trailer


  1. Damn….Savant really knows how to get people to fall in love with this music and game at the same time……O.O

  2. I listen to Savant while playing games already. This just makes it more convenient.

  3. Looks good. I love indie games, but I am so tired of these being the only things available on my PS4. Thank God inFamous is on its way. Sony – More is not always better.

  4. Holy shit! This just mad my night, amazing music from my favorite artist + Fast paced gameplay for only $2!!

  5. The game is fun as hell but It is also very short. Limited amount of upgrades. I hope is going to be less than $5 dollars unless they add a whole hell of lot more content.

  6. Is there going to only be /dumbstep/ or something? I mean, I don't like that kinda music. I'm known not to buy games over soundtrack.

  7. Pretty much the only downside of owning an XB1 instead of the PS4. I would buy this just for the music lol +SAVANT I saw your name and got excited for a track but you're on IGN instead, good job!

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