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RUSE 1 vs 1 online match on map Face to Face [PS3, PS Move]


Finally i was able to capture somewhat proper online match of RUSE. This time it ended up to be kind of different, usually it doesn’t go like this. Good game though.

RUSE 1 vs 1 online match on map Face to Face [PS3, PS Move]

RUSE - Commented Gameplay


  1. Is there anyway to download RUSE because I can't find the game on Playstation Store, any help would be greatly appreciated

  2. no the game is not like stardust or what the fuck ever you said and yes its for ps3 NOW STOP ASKING QUESTIONS AND WATCH THE WAR BIGAN MY FRIEND

  3. I might sound dumd asking this qustion but is this game like Starcraft 2 and is there still anybody playing it and are the servers still up on PS3

  4. Pelaakko sä vielä tätä ? mun nimi ois sit Reinikainen-69 et saat lisätä jos haluut 😛

  5. Anyone here plays it or has it for PS3? Add me theAZNpsycho 😛 i wanna vs. someone so baddddddd

  6. you should have built more tanks instead of wasting your resources. Also you didn't build enough supply depots, which are key to this game.

  7. Yes sure. I played some with PS3 during christmas time and there was plenty of players all the time. Considering End War is dead and has lot's of 4sshole unit killer player i think this is the best RTS on consoles. If you like strategy games you should get, especially now that you can get it for almost free. I have been thinking about getting this to Xbox 360. From videos it appear to rus a little bit smoother.

  8. u know something? maybe plaing the campaing in hard mode like… 2 or 3 times will make u be beter at this game, coz you and that guy mmmm…. u r amateurs

  9. is this the only camera angle available in this game? cos it looks like a board game. The trailer showed some close up shots on ur troops but the gameplay it doesn't

  10. I need help
    I bought the CD yesterday and when I tried to install it it says
    "Failed to run install script"
    so whats the problem?
    please help me
    My video card is
    1GB Of RAM
    Dual Core
    Windows XP

  11. Yeah is true, the enemy doest know.
    And how can you know, it's not like u can see 3 very large tanks on the horizon.

  12. @folklore84 nawh the graphic really suck come to think of it zoom in and baam is ugly as heell

  13. @antonspi "every thing is better on xbox360" lol how did u come up with that conclusion, considering that the xenos gpu that the 360 runs, is probably equivalent to a 7900gt, which is so old that i dont think you can even buy em anymore…lol i have a 360, ps3 and pc.. and my pc by far shits all over my 360 n ps3

  14. i bought the game a few days ago…i'm hooked. Call of Duty is actually collecting dust on my shelf, lol

  15. @ramenlord232 no thats not right every thing is better on xbox360 well the only plus is that pc and mac has civ 5…………. i want civ 5 but soon i will get i macbook pro and play civ 5 mwuahahahaahaahahahaha

  16. wow i cant wait till i get my computer i was going to wait to get this but i couldnt i think the PC looks better than the 360 then again EVERYTHING looks and plays better on an PC

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  21. @Milner62
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