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Rocksmith 2014 Review: First Impressions


Rocksmith 2014 Review: First Impressions


  1. Found a used guitar, practice amp, the game for Xbox 360 w/ cables for $150 def getting this for my brother and nephew!!! I've been playing guitar for over 10 years but I feel this will be a great way for them to learn since they like playing video games. I think it'll be a fun way for them to get into a real instrument playing a video game hehe

  2. The dots on top of the neck are indicating odd fret numbers (3, 5, 7, 9, etc) Except for the one with double-dots, it's for fret 12. 🙂

  3. Will this work with a Fender Mini Strat Squier? My son is just starting Guitar lessons & I haven't bought the guitar yet I heard this is a good game for some practice.

  4. I wish it wasn't so hard to set it up to your tv. I'm thinking of just watching rocksmith song videos on YouTube and learning the songs that way.

  5. You got a black epiphone Les Paul Junior? I got Ripped Off. I bought a store demo model and they gave me a Gibson Black Guitar called an "SG", made in Tenneesee. I ALWAYS get Screwed, ….!!! Great Video. RH DSD

  6. there should be more games like this. and i would be happy to contribute to development of stuff like this

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