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Resident Evil 7 Review! A New Beginning For Horror? (PS4/Xbox One)


Can the Resident Evil series still be scary as a first person shooter? Find out in this review!

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In this video series DreamcastGuy talks about a wide variety of games in a review style format while showing gameplay. New, old, retro, and current gaming are all covered.

In this full game review of Resident Evil 7 we cover the story without spoilers, combat including all the different weapons, and how the general gameplay and puzzles work. Resident Evil VII is good or does it suck?

Resident Evil 7 Review! A New Beginning For Horror? (PS4/Xbox One)

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  1. I honestly think this being labeled as a Resident Evil game is hurting it. if it was its own titles, within a new series , it would have been reviewed more fairly imo. idk why. but people have been harsh on it, while praising things like SOMA and others meh "horror" games that aren't tied to such big name franchises as resident evil.

  2. this game reminds me of silent hill pt which isn't good and Im never playing this game. after resident evil 6 I honestly don't give a shit about resident evil and resident evil 5 sucks too

  3. f*** man I wish reviewers would stop showing the puzzles in the reviews it's f**** ruining them knock it off

  4. Big Fan since RE1 .. Got 100% Complete on all games even the shityones like Gaiden. But I lost hope after RE5 RE6 .. Even tho they 5 got good reviews it was not the same. But THIS .. Played the Demo Loved it. It has the Style of Resident Evil 1. Great Music. Puzzles make a return. Slow Paced action. Loved it.
    Also love Amnesia and Penumbra also great games. For me it is a dream come true since RE1.

  5. Im just watching this game on youtube
    thats more fun in my opinion
    instead of buying it for alot of money and getting stuck and shitting yourself under lmao

  6. great review looking forward to playing this just came out today in my country had a copy on pre-order so now all I have to do is complete the last two games on the ezio collection to get started on this!!!

    one question tho how the hell do u get reviews out so quickly!!

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