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Ps3 games similar to.?


What PS3 games are similar to: Skyrim, DC Universe online, inFamous 1&2, Prototype and possibly Spyro games?

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  1. Skyrim -> Oblivion (the prequel to Skyrim)

    Infamous/Prototype -> GTA 4, 5 for openworld or sandbox gameplay. Saints Row is also good. Saints Row 4 is probably the closest to Infamous/Prototype in that your character has super powers, but it’s still a Saint’s Row game, which means plenty of silliness and excessive violence.

    Spyro -> platforming games are sort of rare on the PS3. You can pick up the Ratchet & Clank collection of their PS2 adventures, and then continue on with their further adventures on the PS3. There’s also the Jak&Daxter and Sly Raccoon collections from the PS2 as well.

    Spyro has spawned a spinoff called Skylanders which is that videogame/action figure hybrid that will suck your wallet dry if you let it. You buy the basic game and a few figures. Each figure allows you to use that character in the game, as well as unlock some new areas. And like Pokemon, ‘you gotta get them all.’

  2. That’s a lot of different genres , rpg , fighting , action , open world and platformer so there are hundreds of games that are similar.

    look for games such as darksiders , lord of the rings war in the north , oblivion , ratchet and clank , mortal kombat , injustice gods among us , the last of us , assassins creed etc. or just go into the playstation store and sort games by those genres.

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