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Ps3 controller problems?


My ps3 controler wasn’t used for months now that i have tried to turn it on it doesnt work. It doesnt flash at all.

I connected a charger to controler and USB to the ps3, i pressed the Ps Button and then 4 lights all flash with a second of interval between them but doesnt connect with the console. When i remove the wire the controller turns off and doesnt function after that. P.S the charger is not the one which come with the ps3 package.

Is the any solution?

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  1. The ps3 controller should have a tiny little circular button on the backside of it. You’ll have to press it with a pin or something pointy. It’s a reset button. Once you press that, your controller will turn off. Now try the ps button, it should connect.Try letting it charge for a while.

    I don’t think the charger matters, as long as it charges it. Let it charge for a few hours.

  2. how long did you let ot charge? if its been unused for months it should charge for 3 to 4 hours before you try using it and if after a full charge it won’t hold the charge or won’t sync the battery might be unable to hold a chanrge anymore and your controller could be dead and need replacing

    if it hoods a charge but won’t sync the cable may be damaged or you may need to restore your ps3 settings ( system settings menu , don’t accidentally choose restore ps3 system from the options as that will format your hdd and delete everything ) or the controller could just be broken and need to be replaced

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