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My ps3 won’t connect to the tv even when I try resetting it?


I recently got a ps3 I had it on and working and then when I tried to put it back on again it doesn’t seem to connect to the tv. I’ve tried resetting it so that it works though the hdmi/av cables but still nothing. The ps3 seems to be on and working alright but it just doesn’t want to connect with the tv.

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  1. Not sure what you mean by “.tried resetting it so that it works though the hdmi/av cables.” – there is an HDMI cable and there is an AV Multi Out – proprietary connector on the PS3 end and AV on the other (Composite – Yellow video, Red/White Right/Left audio; and/or Component – Red/Green/Blue video, same R/W audio – don’t mix up the 2 red ones!).

    Unless the PS3 (or cabling) is damaged (non-functional), the single biggest PS3 issue arising here time after time is Wrong Output Settings. And the problem is if the unit is not showing up on your TV it’s impossible to see the XMB (Cross Media Bar – the PS3 visual interface) to reset the settings properly.

    Foreseeing this issue, Sony made it easy to fix. It’s an Automatic Reset.

    With the unit plugged in and in Standby (rocker switch in back On, but unit off with Red light On), and the TV on and connected by whatever cable you prefer to use (either HDMI or A/V, but HDMI is preferable as it provides maximum quality in one cable), turn the PS3 on by touching the power button – but don’t let go when it beeps. Keep holding it until a 2nd beep (another :05 or so). This will reset the unit to the proper settings for whatever connection is active (being used). That’s it. Hope this works for you (most of the time it does) – unless that’s what you already tried but did not say so. If that didn’t work, write back with Additional Details with what did happen and we’ll go from there, OK? Good luck!

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