Home Playstation Games MONOPOLY PLUS #1 with The Sidemen (Game 1)

MONOPOLY PLUS #1 with The Sidemen (Game 1)


MONOPOLY PLUS #1 with The Sidemen (Game 1)


  1. I have the semi rare piece the $100k cash prize. If you have the main rare then let's split the money. Anyone

  2. You COCKS! This game was the perfect thing to open up on at the airport or on the plane to keep me lighthearted and distracted from the realization of the emptiness of existence that, as you know, occurs every flight longer than an hour. BUT IT'S NOT ON PC? fml..

  3. There's nothing you can say
    There's nothing you can do
    It's not a problem for me
    But it's a problem for you

  4. Vick, if this was the was on the ps4 version, would it be safe to ask if I could add you to play?

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