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Metal Gear Solid V: TPP Angry Review


Metal Gear Solid V: TPP Angry Review

Hideo Kojima brings us his….technically 6th game in the Metal Gear Solid franchise, and the final MGS game with him as creator/Director. Jeremy reviews “Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain”!

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Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain game review

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  1. really disapointing side ops missions most of them are just the same damn mission every time and it"s so boooring wtf Kojima?! we don"t like repeatable missions!! but it"s an amazing good game but fck such a shame could have been perfect.

  2. Really the only game you NEED to play before you play this one is Peace Walker. Maybe MGS3, but this is the direct sequel to Peace Walker, so that'll help you understand what's going on in Ground Zeroes.

  3. I know it's old but, 2 sleep gas airstrikes takes her out easily on extreme and gets you sniper wolf costume. Simple

  4. this the first MGS that i have not finished, MGS was always about the story,

    2 games that actually made me realize i should NEVER pre-order a game before a review:

    1- Destiny

    2- Metal Gear Solid V

  5. Angry joe has never even played a mgs game in his life and hes telling ppl to go out and buy this garbage, phantom pain is the worst mgs ever made


  7. There is ZERO point not having Kojima write another Metal Gear Game. It is essential his blood/DNA in a game.

  8. I may be years late but let me pose a sort of theory about Quiet as a character and her serialization. The game is supposed to take place in 1984. Now, there are some other implications to that but Kojima is a fucking American (U.S.) Hollywood movie nerd above all else. It is possible that Quiet's role is entirely done as intended as a PERIOD PIECE. yes…this might be shocking…but given the film grain that comes from being near death and other little clues…perhaps on some level he meant MGS5 to also be an 80's style movie.

  9. The gameplay is great, but… there's neither a begining nor an end – literally there's not. They sold a game in two parts and even ultimately it's unfinished. WTF, take your head out of your ass, Hideo, you narcist piece of shit.

  10. Still havent touched this game or any in the series. Im good bruh. Japan makes all games corny

  11. id love assassins creed to take this route….IMAGINE KOJIMA HELMING AN ASSASSINS CREED

  12. Yes the story is mediocre compared to the others, but damn if it's not fun to play. I have to wonder with how much patience some of these people have that say Oh I played 10 hours and it got boring for me. Yeah the game clearly isn't for you.

    I dunno if I'm in the minority or something but I've clocked in over 270 hours in this game alone levelling up my base and items, and I've never felt bored yet. Even Witcher 3 I stopped because I couldn't find any more quests to do and I did fewer hours on that.

    9/10 for me at most because the masterclass gameplay factor just overlooks everything else. Anyone who gives it say a 7 or less is not seeing the bigger picture and let's be honest is solely basing their score on it's lack of story. Without the Metal Gear label they'd be calling it amazing without a doubt.

  13. With all the hype and anticipation it turns out to being a meh, not bad but not good. The way they present the cutscenes is just odd and its gimmick is not good. 7 out of 10 is a reasonable score.

  14. i did beat this game in a short period of time, although it's not a game i'll likely play again

  15. 108h to reach the end here. As much as the disapointment is real, I can't really say this isn't a great game. It's a fucking great one.

    I wonder if BunnyHop is right and Kojima plotted this whole thing to give us the real feeling of phantom pain as much as a game could.

  16. I'm sad that he didn't talk about the fact the cutscenes are all made of really long takes with really cinematic camera work, he usually loves talking about that stuff.

  17. arma 2 is still better then metal gear, gameplay wise, they could have did more with the soldiers, play the arma2 demo and arma2 free to get better understanding, mgs is nothing compared to arma 2 , gameplay wise

  18. Mgs v phantom pain (chapter 1 was pretty ok) and the rest sucked so bad that i couldnt finish it. Chapter 2 was so bad. The story line was boring, boss battles are boring, very slow and the only good thing was the way of playing. Plz people stop saying mgs v was perfect it's not. It's barely mgs.

  19. mgs5 is the biggest damn game I have ever played. I have had the game for way over a year now and just now at 70% completion. -_- Sometimes it is just a little too big. The map is kind of bland like you can run, drive, ride horse for quite a while without seeing any gaurds. Could have at least added more wild life other than rare bears, goats, zebras donkeys, dogs and birds. Should of had poisonous snakes, scorpions and spiders. Would have made it more better.

  20. peace walker has the best boss fights in the whole serie imo
    so fucking good but so fucking hard

  21. Its an okay game. If you wanna wonder around killing people with an interesting choice of weapons you can pick up and test.

    Other than that its basically Gta 5 in the desserts and you happen to have your crib at the ocean along with your friends hanging there but the gta 5 story was much stronger then mgs 5.

    Killing people and repeat the missions over and over and you have a slutty bitch called Quiet wich all the fuck boys im sorry Fan boys seems to adore.
    For me she is just another bitch that Kojima wanted to fuck and i think he actually nailed her for sure. Because Japanese people are fucking perverts and we all know that shit anyway.

    You collect cash to upgrade weapons and supplys in that way you are on Infinite ammo you might say and will never run low cuz you can ust shoot a box from the sky wich contains ammo and even more stuff.
    Makes the game much easier and not so Espionage when you think about it. In the previous games you went in naked for the purpose of not revealing any evidence to the enemy that you were sent or was infact involved from a certain crew ( im talking about the story incase you havent played the 4 other mgs games)

    Mgs Penis walker is a joke but a funny enoyable joke wich to me is non canon ( yes even we viewers can decide in life of what the story is based on cuz Kojima said it himself that he allways thought it would be his last game when he made an mgs and he is an idiot for making the series so cryptic allso)

    Other than that well fuck you?

  22. My only problem with mgsv, is the fact that for the 1st half , you basically spend your time in a desert open world, with not much too do besides infiltrating soviet basis. Without much story. it picks much later than I thought it would..

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