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Metal Gear Solid 5: Phantom Pain Review – Buy, Wait for a Sale, Don’t Touch It?


Metal Gear Solid 5: Phantom Pain Review - Buy, Wait for a Sale, Don't Touch It?

ADVERTENCIA: Esta reseña puede contener ligeros spoilers.

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VIDEO REVIEW: Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

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  1. I got this game for 20$ off a friend a few days ago and I'm hooked I love this game I've already but 30 hours in to it and I'm about to put alot more

  2. So, should I buy this or Mass Effect Andromeda? Considering that the second is on sale now, but still at the same price.

  3. You wanna know what the worst part is…… MGSV:TPP and The Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt are both amazing games but are sold BRAND NEW at Walmart for only $30 and $50……. But Call of Duty (which is the same bullshit every year) is sold between $60 and $80 but also has stupid ass supply drops……… And what pisses me off the most is that there are these underrated masterpieces out there like MGSV:TPP and The Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt that deserve to be seen and experienced but bullshit cash grab games like COD Still earn awards because the company's are paid to ignore the good games and rate the bad ones highly.

  4. I think the only thing reviewers got wrong about this game is the open world. You guys are expecting a GTA like open world? Why did I say that? Well because when people hear about a game being open world, they're expecting it to be a do all you want, destroy and kill anyone and have fun and have lots of side activities and interactions kind of thing when it's not really aiming for that. In this case, this is. METAL GEAR game, they made this open world for STEALTH reasons, to approach each missions with different options and strategies, how, where and which side of the base will you take in order to infiltrate it and not a kill all the people, steal a car and run every people you see on the road kind of game. Not all OPEN WORLD games meant to be like GTA, if open world means GTA world then it shouldn't be called Open world but GTA World cause apparently, that's what people expect from every open world game.

  5. I got this game and I invested more than 80 hours and i agree with everything u say. Hell when your in the middle east in MGS4 in the first mission they actually had to armies battling each other in MGS5 nothing but Russians and guard posts.

  6. would have been the best game ever made for me if they had time to finish chapter 2 and 3? all the repetition in 2 wasn't that fun.

  7. I think I would have been happier if the series just stopped at 4 or this was considered some sort of spin off. Witcher 3 showed how a relatively linear game could go open world and succeed while MGSV illustrated significant failure trying the same thing.

  8. The game in regards to the whole 'stealth mechanics' the franchise has slowly been building for countless years… is a freaking masterpiece (MECHANICALLY speaking)… The way stealth works, and how Snake reacts to the environment (vice versa btw) is just enjoyable. Open world idea is awesome, but executed in conjunction with the whole sick twist you discover towards the end of the game… just started to feel like MGS5 didn't know who it was trying to be haha. Great Metal Gear game, however my favorite is still Metal Gear Solid : Son's of Liberty HELL YEAH!

  9. The worst stealth series of all times dies, in terms of gameplay…. The worst, then it flipped. The best gameplay but worst god damn story. The original story granted wasn't actuallly the real type of good but more the weird type of good. Where despite the fact that it sucks, it is somehow fun regardless… I dunno weird times I guess but MGS holds up reasonably well despite some aweful issues. I thought frame rate was amazing and I play on a laptop with a 765m ffs.

  10. Your reviews are second to none! Absolutely fabulous, deep, thoughtful, organized and honest. Thanks for the great content. You have helped me many times make the decision on how to spend my hard earned dough. Keep it up

  11. Si no he jugado las demás entregas, ¿Puedo jugar sin problema y entender este juego?. Gracias de antemano.

  12. Pudo haber sido el mejor metal gear de la historia, pero quedo en un juego incompleto, repetitivo, con misiones secundarias repetidisimas, y con una historia que deja mucho que desear, puesto que casi todo esta en los casettes, que pena que se manchara así la franquicia.

  13. metal gear soild 5 es el final de la saga. kojima ya no hara más así que disfruten del juego que esta bien elaborado

  14. metal gear mi saga favorita y el primer juego que jugue me he pasado absolutamente todos y debo decir que este es bueno pero repetitivo a mas no poder el juego esta mas o menos bien hasta la mision 30 de ahi mas de 10 misiones de pura repeticion de las anteriores y las secundarias son la "repeticion de la repeticion de la repetidera" un online mediocre un juego repetitivo e incompleto, el final es impactante pero años esperando para volver a jugar con big boss y te das cuenta que en todo phantom pain nunca fuiste boss es algo triste este juego no merece 10 ni a plomo..

  15. me encanto el metal gear solid v la verdad esta muy divertido
    ejugado el 1,2,3 y 4 y siento mucho mejor este

  16. No soy seguidor de la saga de MGS pero el 5 me gusto mucho. Y si creo que es mejor o me da mas horas de juego que Arkham Knight (no cuenta recolectar trofeos.Ademas si tiene un nivel de dificulta un poco dificil.

    Y la gente que dice que el narrador es fanboy por hablar asi estan mal. Cuando uno hace una reseña tiene que hablar de diferentes maneras cosa que levelup hace muy bien.

  17. Cada metal gear me ha dejado una sensacion de satisfaccion tan grande!
    Pero pase dias y dias dandole a este juego incluso aislandome de la sociedad esperando nuevamente esa misma sensacion y nada, seguia jugando y mas y mas decepcionado iba quedando hasta el punto que mande el juego a la m***da y hasta borre los datos de mi progreso!
    Yo no diria que es un juego de 10, donde diablos esta lo epico levelup?

  18. a mi no me parece que a este juego le hayan puesto un 10 y a Uncharted 4 un 9.7 que asco deberás. Uncharted se merecía el 10 no esto !!

  19. el narrador lo exagera pero es un buen juego para todas las consolas que esta disponible :v y nose por k se quejan de la historia si igual esta buena

  20. Me gusto el modo de juego pero 10 de 10 ?? Están locos a ese juego le faltó mucho …

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