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Is it true PS4 is coming next year?


Well,my bro and i planning to buy a ps3 next week,and suddenly i found a lot of website saying PS4 officially release late 2012.WTF,i save this money for a year and i dont want to waste my money on ps3 if ps4 really coming.so i need help here,shoud i still buy a ps3?

p.s im kinda poor so yea


  1. Listen bro,as you dont have a lot money as you say i assume you gonna play downloaded games(you know what i am thinking about 😉 So even if PS4 come out next year it will take a long time to hack it so you can play downloaded games.Took almost 3 years for PS3 as you know.And i am sure you dont wanna pay up to 50 euros for 1 dumb game right? So my advice to you is to go with PS3:) Even when PS4 come out there will be titles for PS3 too so dont worry about that.Get a PS3 and enjoy best gaming experience:) I hope i helped

  2. Yes, that’s why i have an xbox. i’m not going to tell you get one (in fact, don’t!), but the PS3 has never stuck with one console or anything like that. so i just decided not to spend my money on a PS3.

  3. I get a monthly magazine called GameInformer which said Sony introduced the thought at E3 (If you don’t know what this is, its the yearly gaming expo) this year saying they weren’t going to make it. But Digitimes said Sony is going to start development late 2011 and sell late 2012. The console is supposed to have kinect like controls.

  4. The unofficial date on which the PlayStation 4 is rumored to come out is Q4, 2012. The rumor is based not entirely on guess work but a bit of statistics as well to back up the theory. It has been Sony’s trend to release its gaming consoles at a gap of six years, for example, the Sony PlayStation Original came out in 1994 and six years later, the PlayStation 2 debuted in 2000. Similarly, in 2006, the PS3 came out, at a gap of six years again. Based on this six years rule followed by Sony so far, it is believed that a gaming console with monstrous power will hit the market in the last quarter of 2012. The rumors about the upcoming PS4 received a fresh feed when Crytek announced at the Game Developer’s Conference in Germany, that they plan to release the CryEngine 3 in 2012. However, it is also rumored that Sony has plans to keep the PlayStation 3 as its main gaming console in the market for at least ten years. If that is true then there is no chance of seeing the likes of the PS4 anytime before 2016.

  5. Lol! Ps4 isn’t coming out any time soon! Playstation releases leaks for new systems. But its all ps3 like ps3 fat whent to the ps3 slim. Its just hardware upgrades. New games are still coming out for ps3! It would make no sense from a business point of veiw.

    Go for it! The ps3. There won’t be a ps4 anytime soon.

  6. WTF are you reading? First off, don’t believe any rumors or fan talk. It will be revealed at E3 like always and it’s not next year or the year after or even 2 years after that. The gaming generation now has introduced many stuff that can make it last longer than it did with PS2, Xbox and Gamecube. If they chose they could wait until 2015 to announce anything. Microsoft just has released Kinect last year as well as PlayStation with Move. Nintendo is releasing a console that can finally be compared to this generation’s consoles (Wii U) and it will release in 2012. PlayStation Vita is coming very soon and so we still have a lng way until everything out is actually REALLY outdated. The hardware is old now but can still be used on PS3 and Xbox 360 and the motion gaming has just started. New titles are still set to release in 2012 and 2013 for both consoles and both companies will want to win money. I mean we’re JUST getting HD version of old games, now can rent/buy movies on our consoles and new stuff keeps coming. These consoles still can do more and just least year Sony started winning money from their PS3 so from all this we won’t be seeing a new generation console until 2015 to say the least!

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