Home Playstation Forum Has any one ever bought a playstation 3 on ebay?

Has any one ever bought a playstation 3 on ebay?


how did it work. and if possible a good seller to buy it from

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  1. I got a used PS3 off eBay for 300$ it was in great condition it had no data on it at all. It was like branded new. (40 GB)

  2. Nope

    You just bid, and win. Then pay for it, and wait until you get it in a package and then you leave a feedback to the seller if your ps3 is working, good, etc.

  3. i got mine off ebay for $350 brand new the newest version

    all went fine it ook about a week for delivery except one thing

    that is that i dont know if my warranty is valid or not

    but one more thing look for a new one the person under me probably got a used one so thats why it came in pieces

  4. i wouldnt recommend it because seeing how valuable and expensive something like a ps3 is, you wouldnt want someone to rip you off or for it to get damaged from the shipping. id buy it off a retail store just to be sure

  5. I bought 1 and when u get the ps3 it comes in pieces and you have to put it together by yourself because it’s too big to be ship 2 u

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