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harry potter and the prisoner of azkaban for playstation 2?


hiii. so im at the part where it’s just ron in this room with these little ghost things holding lanterns throwing fire balls at me. its part of the task of saving neville from malfoy in muggle studies room five.i think. something like that. but i cant figure out how to get the stupid ghost things to die! i have the lumous spell but its not really doing anything! and i tryed turning the globe light thing and thats not doing anything either it just turns.it doesnt light up. ughhh. haha. and i hate it when people have to pass a level for me but ive litteraly spent like two days trying to get it and i cant. so can anyone tell me how to kill the damn ghost things? haha. thankyou(:


  1. They’re Hinkypunks. What you have to do is you have to get one in a corner and shine lumos on them (has to be charged) then they stay still and you cast the knock back jinx at them a few times and it will disappear and then reappear you only have to kill them twice.so in total only six times, everytime you die it renews so you have to kill them again, once they’re dead you can shine lumos on the ball so it fills with light and then shine the light and the door will open.

    You will also meet Hinkypunks again when down in the dungeons.

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