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Halo 3 glitches, cheats, easter eggs, and secret messages


As promised here is my first halo 3 cheat video. I’m sorry for taking so long to finish it. I have included all of the stuff I have found as well as all of the stuff I have been shown by friends, and told about by people commenting on my other videos. In this I will show you a family of monkeys, two skulls, a hidden message, a very strange conversation, a few little tips, and a talking grunt. I hope I help someone with the making of this video. If anyone wants to find me on xbox live my name is KILROYwuzHERE2. I have attached a link to my profile here http://www.bungie.net/Stats/Halo3/Default.aspx?player=KILROYwuzHERE2 so you can see how I am doing in my matches. No body comment on how low I’m ranked on live, I almost never play it. I spend most of my halo 3 time playing Campaign. Well anyway, enjoy the video. If you like it subscribe. If you don’t like it then make your own halo videos, don’t yell at me about how much mine suck. More halo 3 videos coming soon.

If anyone wants updates on up coming videos or wants to contact me more directly than youtube here is my myspace page

Peace, love and cheap ammo to the masses.

Halo 3 glitches, cheats, easter eggs, and secret messages


  1. well for the cave man I believe they put it there since it takes place in the future and they probably thought it would be a nice Easter egg

  2. When you think about it, the password thing kinda sounds like Grif and Simmons from Red Vs. Blue.

  3. You forgot,on the level floodgate there's like an armory and there's a marine that keeps crying due to the death of his friends.

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