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FREE Stuff Sony PS4 E3 2017 Predictions & PS4 Game Release Date 2018 “Untitled Gaming News “


WHAT DID I DO? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aURLWJTFRrk PS Plus May 2017 Rumor PlayStation E3 2017 FREE SWAG Predictions & PS4 Game Release Date 2018 PSVR and Vr will have a big presence. SOny will more than likely talk about triple aaa titles for PS4 and PSvr during Sony press conference before e3 2017 with Games like Spiderman PS4 death stranding call of duty world war 2 destiny 2 bebylon release date red dead redemption 2 aka rdr2 Machinima might have a booth this year at E3 What are your E3 2017 predictions? In this episode I talk about game servers shutting down as well such as Kill Strain PlayStation News Daily with MonkeyFlop Machinima JOIN Today https://console.machinima.com/rc/ESNYN-EQLOV

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FREE Stuff Sony PS4 E3 2017 Predictions & PS4 Game Release Date 2018


  1. in the ps store i saw the binding of Isaac rebirth for free with PS+ on the top right on new Games section. when I Click on it, it is 14,99$.

  2. When you filming from your phone or any other device use cheap gimbal and try to not go fast from left to right from right to left… you welcome!

  3. Monkey flop, it's making me update to 4.55 to play games online but I'm scared of getting banned.

  4. i cant wait 2 make videos in native 4k off my xbox scorpio when i get it since the game dvr will record in native 4k 60 fps but on e3 note all i want from sony is an official release date for gran turismo sport and perhaps some info on gran turismo 7 as they are supposed to be separate games

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