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Free PlayStation 3 – Fact Or Fiction


If you have been on the internet for more then 5 minutes, then you have come across those “free PlayStation 3” ads a time or two. But are they real? We have always been taught in our society that there is no such thing as a free lunch. And that is true, for the most part.

First, lets clear up some of the fiction. Yes, there are PLENTY of non-legit, scam type sites that were simply created to get your email address to spam the crap out of it. Those sites are the ones you will see the most of. They are pretty obvious to spot. It will typically be a really small page with a BIG picture of a PlayStation 3 and a little box for you to put your email into. Beware, as soon as you do, you will have spam in your email box literally within seconds!

So, which sites are real? Well, the sites you will want to look for are called IFW sites, or incentivized freebie websites. How these sites work is you create an account with them, complete an offer from one of their advertisers, and then get some friends and family to complete some offers too! That way, there isn’t this something for nothing type of atmosphere, where you actually have to do a little work.

Most of the offers on the IFW sites are either free, or just a few dollars. And the companies that advertise on the IFW sites are well known companies, like Netflix, Freecreditreport.com, blockbuster, etc… When you complete an offer and get enough other people to complete an offer, you can get all sorts of neat prizes, including of course your ps3!

There are also forums and other websites that have been setup to help you through the process, make sure you do everything right, and find referrals if you are having a hard time. It really is a pretty cool concept. And once you have completed everything, they even send you your prize without you having to pay anything for shipping and handling!

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