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Final Fantasy XIV on PlayStation 4: Free upgrade to PS4, Character transfer, Beta info


Final Fantasy XIV on PlayStation 4: Free upgrade to PS4, Character transfer, Beta info

FFXIV Stormblood and Amazon Cross Promotion Plus PS3 Free Login [Final Fantasy News Break]


  1. wtf i don't understand? are they giving ps4 console for those who owns ps3 changing it into ps4? or there is a website where you will go to upgrade only your ps3
    systems ?

  2. that game makes me angry because i m try to log in and i cant…i had register an account few mounths ago and today i go to play but nothing…they delete my account?and how can i create a new one…omgggg

  3. if I upgrade to the Playstation 4 can I make a new account and play on the Playstation 3 using the same game or do I have to buy a new ff14 game for my ps3?

  4. I just got a PS4 and I want to transfer my character data from my PS3 to my PS4. I did that from my PS3 version of the game and when it was done uploading it says that I have to continue the process on my PS4 version of the game… do I have to buy the game again?? :/

  5. PS3 died. :/ Finally upgrading it to my PS4 and downloading the game right now. No more lagging or being the last one to load during hunts and Fates. e_e

  6. Re alex ?
    If u own ps3, upgrade to ps4 is free, and subscrition prices veri with lenght of purchase…a 1 mn is 14, 3 is about 13 a month, and 6 mn is 12…using ultima game cards for crysa makes it slighty cheaper

  7. but how does the upgrade work? do i have to put in the Ps3 CD in? or have i just to download the Client from the store? or even keep the Beta Client? please tell me!

  8. If you have the physical copy of FF14 on PS3, can we still upgrade free on PS4? how would it work?

  9. It better work this time i still couldnt play my ps3 version since i bought it,i tried days,weeks,months and still.couldnt on ps3..but hopefully this will work this time

  10. Downloaded it and still cant playnit, seriously before releasing it fix it.dammit!!!. I couldnt play it on ps3 and.now.ps4 come.on!!!. Notneven the beta!!.the beta…… really

  11. I'm glad they do offer support for PC controls for the people who play at the desk, I was getting tired of the "PC Master Race" players … I have a gaming PC and am on PlayStation relaxing more. 

  12. My friend, I dropped money hard when they released thancred's glorious hair on the mogstation!

  13. I had the PS3 version. I hadn't played for like a year am still 28 THM. Got back into and I thought the PS3 free login thing was a pretty cool offer for them to do. I am using my friends disc on PS4 so its all cool so far. Still basically a noob at the game. 🙂

  14. Really great question about the mog store items. Right off the bat I wish they could do a mixture of both. Figure out a way to sell the items or get them in game. I don't however see a way of doing that. So, in the end it's hard to say if I would like it better in game item or mog store items. On one hand I pay some money to play the game and on the other I can buy items to help support the game far. I get why mog store is there it makes since. However, emotes and somethings should be in game. Like outfits I can understand being sold on mog store, some dye's as well, and weapon glamour. That makes since but chocobo gear, emotes, and even some house item I feel is a bit to much to sell on there. (Just my personal thoughts on that subject.) I still play on PS3 for the most part. (omg F' this guy, he is holding us back. :o) I know right. I do plan to upgrade once Bloodstorm drops. (PS4&PC) I started out on PS3 and haven't gone to PS4 or PC, because I wanted to see the PS3 performance until the end. (Sorry if this was to long, or made no since.) Thanks for the support of ff14 and all your great content!! 🙂

  15. Can anyone confirm if they send out the codes from Amazon on pre-orders? The wording on the site seems to suggest that the codes won't be sent out until the game releases if done via pre-order. I can't wait that long to ride on a cloud XD

  16. tbh the optional items price is not that cheap… but i did buy them due cool dance emote and yeah it cost more than 20 bucks based the local currency

  17. Man all this Journey To The West themed stuff is amazing, but I am hyped for the expansion more then stuff like this, I mean we get to swim…. my au ra Jenki will be a dolphin that no one asked for

  18. After I watched this video I looked on amazon. I noticed ff12 Which I was planning to get anyway so I bought that and the ff14 bonus stuff.

  19. I missed out on the maid outfit cause there was nothing I wanted from amazon at the time and I want the flying nimbus but again it is a bad time to buy a from amazon. As for mog station I buy what I like and me and some friends buy items for each other for x-mas or b-days.

  20. I just bought a 20$ PSN Card for the promotion. This way I can still get some FFXIV items and money towards a game or dlc off of PSN.

  21. I think this is brilliant the PlayStation 3 having this event I mean for three reasons one get more people into the game and that's always a good thing two you can get quite far in a month on Final Fantasy 14 so it will give people a chance to queue for Lower End content and not have to wait half a day for it to pop and thirdly it gives me a chance to sell my wares to more victims err I mean people

  22. Well I still have to get Stormblood yet so I might just get it through Amazon for some sweet bonus stuff. Thanks for the news!

  23. The whole point to pay a monthly fee is to finance the game. The only thing that should be for sale on the mog shop is the things you don't want players to abuse like server transfers. Especially sick of cosmetics being held hostages by microtransaction schemes just because they don't affect gameplay. Cosmetics are a BIG deal in social games like MMOs.

    FFXIV isn't that bad on that front, it's still possible to have a great looking character without paying (unlike Black Desert…) but it still annoys me. The day they start truly double-dipping in microtransactions and sub fees (like WoW, who are not systematically putting their best looking mounts for 25$ in their store) is the day I'm out.

  24. Is there a way for people to find what these games with the deal are? instead of doing it the long way around and going game by game.

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