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Final Fantasy 15 Xbox One Gameplay Frame-Rate Test


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John takes a look at Final Fantasy 15 on Xbox One. How does it match up to the existing PS4 and PS4 Pro versions?

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Final Fantasy 15 Xbox One Gameplay Frame-Rate Test


  1. The xbox one s is slightly superior than xbox one, maybe the dynamic resolution remains more often at 900p?

  2. If Xenoblade chronicles X managed to run on the Wii U, Breath of the wild runs on the switch, gta V runs on the ps3, etc, then this game concept should be able to run @1366×768 60fps on the Xbox one S. No excuses, frame rate = gameplay, and I don't see anything so impressive here to justify the low performance.

  3. I cannot stand frame pacing, im still debating on getting it on xbox one or waiting to see if it will eventually come out on pc.

  4. like a lot people i own both consoles but im mainly a PC gamer i have consoles for exclusives mainly,but i prefer my PS4 a bit over my Xbox but when i see people comparing PS4 and Xbox One games i cant really see any difference in them,i tend to buy the game on the cheapest platform if its a console exclusive like FF15 is at the moment,i brought FF15 on xbox one because it was £5 cheaper and i have seen it on PS4 and can't really see any difference graphically,i don't know if its just me but as a rule i can't see much difference on console graphics or frame rates in most games

  5. I am playing on ps4 pro on high. it looks beatiful there and the frame pacing doesn't bother me.

  6. My Xbone has horrible framerates/frame-drops throughout the whole game. Are you lying on purpose or did you not actually test it on a normal Xbone.

  7. so xbox players can you guys tell me hows the fps in altissia? im playing on ps4 and it is horrible, still playable though

  8. 900p, 720p no frame pacing issues = superior to juddery 1080p

    Also the ps4 also has adaptive resolution, its clear as day, when driving the resolution drops, and can see it sharpen when the car stops.

  9. I have the pro version and yes frame pacing is very, very noticeable. It's like a hiccup in the game but yet doesn't actually effect the frame rate. It's a stuttery mess but once action gets going you can but help enjoy how fucking beautiful the game is. Either way hats off to ENIX on how they got the game running as smooth as they did on the Xbox one version. It's nice knowing my brothers of the other console can still play a amazing game with very little performance issues on what looked to be initially with duscae was going to be a terrible experience. Pixel counting aside if the Xbox was my only choice I would still be very happy with what square did here and how good of a solution they got with the console.

  10. I do wonder what Sony has against Dynamic Resolution. We know dynamic resolution works on PS4 hardware because it was used in Wolfenstein but it feels like that was the only time we saw it. It isn't an engine thing because we see a lot more DR from Microsoft. Seems Microsoft understands the importance of game feel way more than Sony.

  11. well I have an Xbox one S and a 4k TV regardless I doubt it will be too much of an issue for me

  12. OH my god the xbone looks so bad. Why did microsoft even ship that thing back in 2013? it has no reason to exist.

  13. no one likes to wok at Mc Donalds lol just saw an add of someone saying how they like working there lol

  14. If people are hating xbox because what happened on 2013 let me tell you, this was in the past ok.

  15. It's not that blorry I played on the xbox one and it's much much better than what you see on youtube.

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