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Classic Game Room – FRONT MISSION EVOLVED review


Classic Game Room - FRONT MISSION EVOLVED review


  1. Sad that the Front Mission franchise went out with a whimper such as this game. They should've made a game that incorporated all the awesome things from the past games, while keeping it an SRPG and gone out with a bang. Maybe if they had done that, the series wouldn't have died after all. Turning it into some watered down, generic FPS just cause those types of games were the trendy "flavor of the month", was the worst decision Square Enix made regarding the FM brand. FRONT MISSION R.I.P…

  2. I don't know why so many people complained about this game. I thought it was quite good for an indie game.

  3. I like armoured core, but this look like it has more of a 'campaign mode' so I'll give it a go.

  4. The game looked more of an Armored Core game than it is Front Mission. They should have just stuck with the isometric, turn-based strategy gameplay.

  5. This is the worst in the series but as a game on its own (not a Front Mission) it is adequate.

  6. It was a fresh take on the front mission series, it just needs refinement that's all. The story was decent, the 3rd person sequences were quite uninspired but nowhere near terrible and the multiplayer was amazing while people played. So much more fun playing against highly specialized, quick-witted human units online.

  7. This review isn't very informative. Seems the only negative things you've clearly stated were the pilot action sequences (how often do they occur?) and the story (don't care, it's an action game). Otherwise you keep saying "This game has SO many flaws" but don't mention a single one outside of two that seem negligible. What else makes this not very good? It looks like Armored Core or MechWarrior to me, which are absolutely fantastic series. I love Front Mission, but I also love those games. Would have been nice to see a comparison to those instead of the turn based games over and over. It's apples and oranges, man. For the record, the Undertow review was a lot more informative.

  8. I played all the other Front Mission games available in NA then I saw this and thought "Why?" This is like as shittier version of Armored Core. Everything that made Front Mission unique and awesome is gone and now we are left with is this shitty Saturday morning cartoon of a game.

  9. I absolutely love your tone when you reviewed this! For one, you're right on about this game sucking, and two, you're super awesome funny bro! Couldn't stop laughing for a second! Still wish I hadn't paid 10$ for this game though…

  10. I PAID TEN FUCKING DOLLARS FOR THIS ON STEAM!!!! Yeah i didn't give two fucks about the plot just for the meches

  11. the generic action scenes i think was put in cause in the turn based games you could knock pilots out of their wanzer kill them then steal their entire wanzer, some games even had missions where you was chilling outside you wanzers and would get attacked and have to make it to them which were some of the harder missions, still in a giant robot shooter like this its pointless unless you get to steal there wanzers

  12. what really pissed me off was that in this game they mispronounced wanzer its with a damn V sound cause its German i really don't get why they did not look at the older games for corrections.

  13. I am so very sad too that SE gave us "Evolve" instead of translation of FM5. But when I saw this in store for $5 and reading the back that said you can customize your wanzer and load out, I have to buy it… Wish SE would make FM back into a strategy game.

  14. isn't the front mission series a tactical game like final fantasy tactics why change it to this

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