Home Xbox Games Call of Duty Ghosts Xbox One Review is it worth a buy?

Call of Duty Ghosts Xbox One Review is it worth a buy?


Call of Duty Ghosts Xbox One Review is it worth a buy?


  1. @One123 yes, I have quit Advanced warfare and black ops 3, I'm tired of the boosting around and futuristic garbage in those games. Plenty of people are still online with ghosts and its classic cod.

  2. Mabey it's just because I had it on a new console (wiiu), but this was the last COD where I completed the campaign. I don't know why I keep getting them, because I just can't stand/finish the campaigns of Black Ops 2 or Advanced Warfareand I don't really play them online (I don't pay for XBL gold and the Ghosts multiplayer didn't really captivate me). I know this is just my opinion, but Ghosts was the best COD since MW3 (which I liked but apperently nobody elze did).

  3. Hey man I've been watching a lot of your videos. I agree with you on Ghost, we seem to be in the minority about it though :/
    Anyways, I wanted to say I love the idea for your channel. It's really genius honestly. I wanted to give you some feedback so maybe you could make it better. The one thing I think you should really work on is your actual reviews. You stumble over your wording a lot, you aren't really descriptive, and sometimes you leave me confused on what exactly your point was. Maybe take some time and script them out so it's a lot more focused and you can really get your point across better. When your talking, you sound really bored and like your half asleep. You don't have to be jumping up and down, but maybe try to show more enthusiasm. Also I think a good idea would be at the end of the video when you give your score, list the pros and cons along with the score you rate it. Those always stick with people and leave an impression on what they need to consider.
    Anyways, you have a new fan and I can't wait to see what your gonna review next (May I recommended "The Club" on Xbox 360) I hope you continue to work hard and I'm not trying to be critical of you I'd just like to see your channel grow. Thanks for reading, peace and one love fam.

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