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Xbox 360 3 Red Light Glowing? – Here is the Solution


Xbox 360 has been reported with an error called “Three Red Light Error”. Though there are many other kind of errors possible, those errors are simple errors that can be solved easily. But, the Three Red Light Error is something different from the other type of red light error and they are capable of destroying the whole hardware of the console. Xbox 360 is designed with certain error messages so that the users can understand about the error and where the error has occurred in the console and what are all the steps that can be taken to repair it.

Main reason for the problem

After serious of examination of the repaired components, it was found that the problem is due to the overheating of the console. The overheating is because of the poor performance of the heat sinks which is responsible for cooling the air inside the console. The console consists of two processors which are nothing but the central processing unit and the graphical processing unit. The heat sinks are placed over the processors so that the hot air is made to pass through its grills to get it cooled. But, the temperature inside the console is very high and the heat sink was not capable of serving its purpose. As a result the graphical processing unit gets failed resulting in the appearance of the error E 74 on the screen. Experts say that the problem is because of the poor design and testing of the product. Microsoft has failed to test the product to the maximum extent and hence the problem has occurred in many consoles that have been manufactured.


Hardware experts say that the only way of solving this problem is to bring down the internal temperature to a minimum level. There are different methods available to provide cooling to the system. One method is by providing an additional cooler fan to the heat sinks so that it can bring down the temperature inside the console. The simplest way of solving the problem is by removing the X clamps inside the console. By doing this, the heat sinks are fixed directly to the motherboard so that there is enough cooling to the motherboard.

You can also repair the console by giving it to Microsoft service center. But you need to wait for many weeks to get it repaired from the service center. Moreover, Microsoft won’t repair modded consoles. This method is costly and hence Xbox gamers found another cheap method to repair the console.

You can repair the console on your own with the help of video tutorials which are available in the internet. These video tutorials will guide you through the step by step procedure to repair your console in just an hour. You don’t need any complex tools to repair your console. Basic household tools like screwdrivers are enough to repair the console on your own.

Your console may also be experiencing any small problems which do not required much expertise and time to fix the console. These techniques are also explained well in the repair videos.

Xbox 360 Repair Video Tutorials

Repair your Xbox 360 by watching the videos online and fix your Xbox 360 now. This is the most recommended way of fixing your Xbox 360 by the Xbox gamers around the world. You can fix your Xbox in just one hour from now and start playing the games again. Just give me ten minutes and I will show you how to fix your Xbox now. Watch the videos to [url not allowed] – Click Here. This method works great even for modded consoles.

Submitted On May 20, 2009Console SystemsThis article will teach you how to fix your Xbox 360. It’s very simple to fix your Xbox 360 without sending it to Microsoft. You can fix your Xbox on your own in just few minutes. Read this article fully to know how to fix your Xbox 360.xbox 360 3 red light error, xbox 360 3 red light fix, xbox 360 3 red light problem

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