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Would You Sell Your Digital Games?


Would You Sell Your Digital Games?

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  1. fuk i bought bo 3 and i dont like it, i had a chance to buy no man sky or bo 3. i thinked bo 3 is more popular and cooler and like this but no

  2. If you really think about it, if you were to want to sell the game back, if you had the hard copy it would just sit in your drawer and nit be touched so its better than nothing.

  3. I think that the trade in price would vary depending on sales, price of game, and time the game has been out.

  4. just napkin mathe here but 63% would give you roughly 38 dollars back on a 60 dollar game so 63% is good
    quick math here
    50%/(60)= 30
    30+6= 36
    3%/(60)about 2

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