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Wireless guitar for Rock Band?


I’m borrowing Rock Band World Tour from a friend and I have no clue how to connect the wireless guitar. I changed the batteries but that still did nothing.

Any help would be appreciated.
The on/off switch is on.

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  1. okay there is no such thing as rock band world tour

    there are 3 games that you could be talking about:

    -Rock Band 1

    -Rock Band 2

    -Gutiar Hero World Tour

    also it depends on the game system you hav on how you hook up the guitars

    on rock band one for playstation 2 you plug in the wirless guitar signal box to the usb port on the console and then start the game up when it gets to the title screen turn your guitar on and if the playstation logo button right by the whammy bar is not glowing red then press the button thats inside the indent directly below the logo button

    then you should be good to go

    *note the above directions are for the fender stratocaster guitar

    now if you are talking about guitar hero world tour then i personally cant figure that one out either soo i would call ur friend.

    good luck!

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