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What Accessories should i buy for my xbox 360?


Actually, it is a bit more than that. I have a $50 walmart egift card that i can spend on whatever i want on walmart.com

I want to buy somethiong for my xbox, whether it be a game or an accesory. I already have mw2, so i don’t need that. search the web and give me the best thing to buy for xbox 360. Also, which is better, turtle beach x1’s or Halo Reach?>

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  1. x1’s suck and i wasnt to impressed with halo reach. i’d save that and buy the wireless internet adaptor if you dont have it already. but yeah if your gettin turtle beaches definately spring for atleast the x 3’s personally i like my x 41’s but then again i play way to much video games. the best thing about xbox is the online so i would definately use that.

  2. Holy crap definitely an awesome question-TurtleBeach X1’s or Reach.I’d say the X1’s. A real xbox gamer has those and with them in MW2, trust me you can, if you like to snipe you can literally hear people running up behide you-I have a pair of them so I very much vouch for them so I’d say the TurtleBeach’s

  3. Definitly X1’s The sound is amazing and it’s worth the price, really improved my game. If you’re a pretty serious gamer that is.

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