Home Videos PS4 Vs Xbox One Review | 2 Years Later

PS4 Vs Xbox One Review | 2 Years Later


PS4 Vs Xbox One Review | 2 Years Later

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  1. xbox failed focusing too much on all in one media center. With TVs now handling all that, makes all those features obsolete. Microsoft could have easily crushed sony but I am glad they screwed up and didn't.

  2. some people get xbox or ps4 depending what there friends are getting i got a xbox on because everyone else has one but i would like both xboxnone and ps4 because ps4 has pro controlers and have more games but yeh i got xbox because or my feiend and i like to have both anyway have a nice day depending when u read this !!!!#i like xbox and ps4 same number 100% for both

  3. Better games-PlayStation>Xbox
    Better Graphics-PlayStation>Xbox
    Better Gameplay-PlayStation>Xbox
    Nathan Drake>Master Cheif

    Watch when a Xbox fanboys will reply angry just watch PS4S……just watch…

  4. I have an Xbox one .. have played on PS4.. honestly I don't see any difference in performance between them

  5. I've had my Xbox one for a couple of years and I hate to say it but I'm gonna trade it for a PS4. Xbox one exclusiveness are trash. PS4 has The last of us, God of war, Uncharted, etc. I do have friends on Xbox one but we don't play a ton so I think I'll get a PS4. Menu on Xbox one has way too many ads and is very complicated, while PS4 is user friendly, easy. I do love both controllers though, they are both very comfortable. But PS4 wins, it's cheap and has way better exclusives and is overall a better console

  6. I have a PS4 and its the best.I dont hate the xbox(I had the original).also the Dualshock4 is a big W

  7. Ok guys, get an Xbox, you can use the games and controllers for pc, idk know about playstation users but i heard that the backwards compatibility of the ps4 is a scam. So i suggest STOP THE CONSOLE WARS AND GET A PC. or you can wait for nintendo switch

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