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Please Help. Mirror’s Edge button Stuck?


so i have mirror’s edge for my ps3. its an awesome game but there are some times where i roll woithout even pressing L2. i even kept my finger completely off it and sometimes she still rolls. it gets really annoying when you are doing a time trial and every second counts. my L2 button doens’t get stuck when i play my other games and she doesnt coil, duck, or slide when shes on the ground. only when shes about to land.


1) is my controller broken?

2) is there something wrong with the game and what should i do?

(since i cant return it.)

ive already returned the exchanged the game because it gets frozen sometimes and still does.

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  1. Mine hasn’t frozen at all. May be an update will be coming soon for any problems you are experiencing.

    That or check your settings may be there is something wrong with that.

    good luck

  2. Since you say the it’s not the L2 and that she only does it when it comes with her landing then it’s probably your sixaxis, either it’s messed up (just go into controls and change it) or your jolting the controller.

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