Home Playstation Games MATTERFALL Official Trailer (PS4) 2016

MATTERFALL Official Trailer (PS4) 2016


MATTERFALL Official Trailer (PS4) 2016


  1. So programmable matter, and hard light, run amok, or being controlled by some lunatic super genius, on a distant world under a dome, where everything looks like a cross between TRON, and Warframe.

  2. so………………. do the publishers not realize that having a name similar to titanfall means that people will instantly think of something else other than their game?

  3. enemies are boring as fuck these days… what happen with cool enemies like chimera, helghasts, covenants or locusts…? There is zero originality in new games…

  4. moments like this I like to remind myself to the cinematic trailers of WOW, and viewing actual gameplay, long story short this video doesnt mean shit.

  5. Wow this trailer really makes me want to buy this game considering the amount of information it has given me…

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