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Is it Illegal to Copy Xbox 360 Games?


I believe it is OK to copy Xbox 360 games for a few reasons. However, I also believe it is not okay to copy Xbox 360 games as well. It depends on why you’re copying them and who you are copying them for.

I will first tell you why, in certain cases, I believe it is wrong to copy games. If you are illegally copying Xbox 360 games to pirate or sell to other people to make money off of them, it is illegal and morally wrong. This is the main reason I believe it is not okay to copy games.

If you are copying Xbox 360 games to back them up in case something were to happen to your original copy, I believe it is totally okay to do that. Why? Because you are protecting your hard earned money that you spent on the game. For instance, I am a member of my local volunteer fire department and we have a community Xbox 360 and everyone buys and shares games. We have a 4 tier shelf full of games. As you may know, things at the firehouse get torn up, broken, and generally rough. We also have members that don’t care about other peoples things and decide they want to use Halo ODST as a coaster for there drink. I personally copy every game at the firehouse as soon as it is purchased, then I store them in a safe place where they can not become damaged. Then when someone uses the original disc as a frisbee or coaster and it breaks, scratches, or chips…we have a back up disc we can replace it with that is playable and works.

Of course game companies do not want you copying Xbox 360 games because they are afraid that someone would do it for the wrong reason to make money off of it and sell them (Like it would hurt them financially…yeah right). Moving on, let me ask you this, if your game does get scratched, broken, or chipped is the game producer going to replace it for you? No, they are going to say “Tough break, go buy a new one.”

So if you are only doing it to back up your games in case of an accident where they become unplayable and you are just trying to protect you hard earned and spent money, then I believe it is morally OK to copy Xbox 360 games.

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-Jarrett Sexton

Submitted On November 04, 2009Console GamesIs it illegal to copy Xbox 360 Games? Is it morally wrong? Why should or shouldn’t you copy Xbox 360 games? I will tell you how I feel about it and why I don’t think it is wrong and do think it is wrong at the same time.Copy Xbox 360 games,copying xbox 360 games,copying xbox,copy xbox,copy games

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