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I need help with my Xbox 360?


ok first i got the two rings of death , then my dad fixed it then like 2 months later it just like shut down like it just died!! Can anyone help me please?

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  1. Two rings flashing means overheating. The infamous Red Rings of Death are 3 rings flashing (indicating a general hardware failure). Just sit your xbox in front of a fan and try playing again after 24 hours.

    If this solves the problem then consider changing the way your xbox stands (against a wall, laying down, vertically) to try and increase the efficiency of the fans in your system. Also consider buying a cooling system to clip on the back of your xbox.

  2. if it doesnt have three rings of death and your warranty is over go to http://www.nexicare.com for $84 flat rate on fixes. go to youtube and look up error code and watch video on how to temp fix it our perm fix it yourself

  3. Same as what the first dude says, You should of done that in the first place :]. Its free and they send it back 1-4 weeks.

  4. Call xbox customer service and send it so they can fix it for you. It might cost you depending if you have warranty.

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