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How does dlc work on ps3?


For example if to buy dlc for a game does it read the memory on the ps3, ask to insert the game disc or could anyone buy dlc for games?

Was thinknig about The Last Of Us which I have now they said they’re working on dlc so in that case it may be worth keeping besides for replaying the game etc

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  1. You need to have the game for a dlc to work. If you do have the game and the dlc installed it will definitely work. If you only have one of these things, it won’t. You will be just wasting your money if you didn’t have the game.

  2. You can buy DLC for any game you want, but you will need a copy of the original game in order for it to be usable. It’s basically an “expansion pack” that works the same way most PC games do. You need the original game in order to use the expansion pack. So unless you have a disc copy of The Last of Us, or you’ve purchased and downloaded it from the PlayStation Store (which might not be possible; I’m not too sure) you won’t be able to use the DLC.

  3. It depends on which game you’re playing. Downloading and installing a DLC is the same for all games, just find what you want to buy on the PlayStation Store and download it. It’ll be saved onto the hard drive and you can just install it from the Game menu, and then you can just put the disc in and start up the game like you normally would.

    Some DLCs are separate from the main game and can be accessed and started from the main menu of the game (like in Deus Ex: Human Revolution), and others are added into the main game (Skyrim, Mass Effect) as if they were a part of the game to begin with.

  4. It automatically reads it after you install it. But you need to be playing the game for the dlc to do anything. You can’t have dlc and no game, otherwise you waste your money.

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