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GTA IN ZOO TYCOON!!! #xboxone


GTA IN ZOO TYCOON!!! #xboxone


  1. Uhh GTA means Grand Theft Auto and that means car stealing, killing/running over people has nothing to do with that. Of course I do know you mean the game, but even then the game doesn't serve it's name, it's all killing and robbing! Sure there is a lot of car stealing, but people really don't even think about what the game should be about! In multiplayer people say the game is about killing eachother, but the game SHOULD be about car jacking.

  2. +iJustine you are an inspiration!!! Truly I was having the worst day ever and you are one of the people to make me happy!!!

  3. Justine, I live in chile the country in South America, and you are well known here, all Chileans love you and we like you a lot, and now I'm using the google translator to write this, greetings

  4. Your car in gta is Good. And you have a car in real live. Czech Republik thank your back massage

  5. Hey ijustine can u do some more gta 5 videos I really like them. I think ur very funny and the audio wasn't to bad u could still understand what u said.

  6. Why is everyone complaining!!? I think the Sound is good, i didnt even notice anything before i red the comments

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