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GameSpot Reviews – James Bond 007: Blood Stone Video Review


GameSpot Reviews - James Bond 007: Blood Stone Video Review


  1. The so-called 'slow bits' are exactly what a Bond game should be, a mostly stealth game with a few kills here and there. Bond isn't Call of Duty.

  2. the office building level is the best because it is like james bond and not like call of duty daniel craig edition

  3. The only thing I'm angry about is that they ended it with a cliffhanger and they haven't made a sequel to this

  4. I'm playing through this now and it's absolutely amazing! It really does look and feel like a Bond movie, right down to the classy opening credits! I was interested before but having Daniel Craig's likeness, voice acting and Judi Dench's contribution sold it for me! It's a wickedly fun ride! Simple, effective, FUN! The Siberian chapter was SPECTACULAR! It's so overblown with explosions aplenty and awesome combat. I can't recommend this game enough. It's BOND!

  5. I remember really enjoying this game, when are they gonna release another 007 video game, this was the last one released, yeah??

  6. If the game was one intense high-octane fast paced shootout after another, the same reviewer would have been complaining that the game is too repetitive. fuck this review

  7. I haven't played this game yet, but it looks very good! Looks beautiful, nicer, entertaining and interesting. I'm hoping I could still get it soon

  8. I love this game I beat it and got all the signal player trophies and unlocks expect I havnt played it online 🙂 im a big fan of 007 games goldeneye reloaded I would say has the best storyline for the ps3 era & 007 legends is awesome too =D even though the story is a bit mixed for some story modes

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