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Flower PS3 Gameplay


Flower PS3 Gameplay


  1. How can I play this game? I'm stuck at the first level. It told me to tilt the controller, yet it didnt seem to work. Any idea?

  2. this game fucking sucks where's the guns? where's the badass guy blowing peoples heads off? you just play as a pussy ass flower collecting petals and no multiplayer are you shitting me? -69/10 too much water

  3. just bought this game today (along with journey and other journey like games) I loved it… its really beutiful

  4. Man these graphics fucking suck, even for like 2006. Abstract games like this should be published on PC instead as a matter of course, consolites are in general too thick for anything abstract. The art style would have really popped if it was on PC because you would actually be able to see wtf is going on.

    Nobody accuse me of hating this game, I like games like this, I just think that the PS3 half ruined it. I have a PS3, much as I would like to pretend I didn't, but fuck, that brick and it's nemesis the 360 really held back gaming, just like the xbone and ps4.

  5. i may get hate and i may not get hate but i know for a fact i hate this game like it's relaxing and all but i don't like it for some reason

  6. Fantastic game!!! Very nice gameplay video of the first stage.
    6 years after buying it, I still play it regularily, whenever I just want to chill.
    And just like Journey (another beautiful game from That Game Company), I also have a lot of fun making friends discover it and be amazed by the gameplay and sublime art direction!
    That's what I call "Happiness Games"! 😀

  7. Even to this day, I still expect that damn Tree to be full of Flowers and not just turning green. Like Cherry blossoms or Plum flowers.
    The wind collecting all the petals to color up the barren tree with them, that would have been ideal for the ending.

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