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Classic Game Room – HAWX 2 review


Classic Game Room - HAWX 2 review


  1. I gave a try to 1 and 2, sure, gameplay is fun, isn't a Ps2 Ace Combat, or Xbox 360 Ace Combat, but is fun, and yup both stories are just easy to forget. I was in the middle of Hawx 1 and I was like, what is really happening? Oh never mind, shoot shoot shoot avoid avoid bang bang bye random enemy!

  2. I played this expecting around Ace Combat's level of gameplay and I got a painful experience consisting of me crashing into the odd hotboxes, clumsy, almost sluggish controls, and etc.

    I'd play Assault Horizon over this, and that game isn't exactly the greatest either.

  3. The aliens trying to steal our water supply would be the most intriguing and awesome story line ever

  4. So I've never really played any of these game, but I do really like jets. But what I'm here to ask is, what should I get H.A.W.X. 1 or 2?

  5. Not that i am hating on hawx, but i think Ace Combat is better. Except for the newest one, Assault Horizon, the story in that game was horrible.

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